Gephi 0.9 将要发布

刚逛 看见又有新 Blog 发布,感觉他们在 新版发布前真实劲头满满的样子,想想也是,都沉寂开发两年多了。

下面简单翻译 Gephi 官方 Blog 2015/12/16 日文章:Plugin development gets new tools and opens-up to the community (新的插件开发工具及社区)


Since the introduction of the Gephi Marketplace and tools such as the Plugins Bootcamp we’ve seen more and more plugins being developed. Even developers with little experience with Java give it a try and succeed in creating their first plugin. We want developers to be productive and make it as easy as possible to get started with plugin development and find help along the way. As the release of the 0.9 version is near, it’s time to review our plan on that matter and upcoming improvements. Here’s the summary:



  • The gephi-plugins base repository (i.e. repository plugin developers fork) is now using Maven for building and is simpler. It contains only 4 files versus 890 for the Ant-based system.
  • All Gephi modules are published on Maven central, making it very easy to inspect and extend.
  • Introduction of a custom Maven plugin designed to facilitate plugin development.
  • The submission and review of plugins will be entirely based of GitHub, making it more scalable and transparent.
  • A new online portal for plugins is coming up with an easier edit experience and new features.
  • 该gephi-插件的基础资料库(即库插件开发商叉)现在使用Maven构建和更简单。它仅包含4个文件对890的蚂蚁为基础的系统。
  • 所有Gephi模块都公布在Maven的中央,使它很容易检查和扩展。
  • 一个自定义的Maven插件介绍旨在促进插件开发。
  • 插件的提交和审查将完全基于GitHub上,使其更具可扩展性和透明度。
  • 一个新的在线门户网站的插件是想出一个更简单的编辑体验和新功能。


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